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As you can eat your favorite foods on Keto. Even muffins and cheesecake. Especially cheesecake!

KetoRush Cookbook

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Starting a Keto Food Journey Is Exciting but Overwhelming

I’ve been living a keto way of life for sometime now and I am a huge foodie. There was no way I would ever give up all my favorite meals. I am talking about those breakfasts with tasty egg muffins,  lunches with juicy tender marbled steaks or desserts with luxurious, indulgent cheesecake and warm, gooey chocolate brownies straight from the oven. Yet many new keto dieters become overwhelmed and give up on their goals way too early.

It is Complicated

Most people are surprised to learn that Keto is more difficult than it seems. They see great, tempting recipes and get flustered from constantly having to count macronutrients (carbs, fats, and protein). They suffer from extreme information overload.

Until You Open My Cookcook

During the first couple of weeks on keto, most people will see weight loss as the result of cutting back on carbs. This is normal; this weight is water. Then it gets way harder! Unless of course keto dieters arm themselves with the right recipes to encourage natural, healthy weight loss.

  • I collected all my favorite recipes; many of which were handed down by my aunt and mother who were focussed, passionate cooks.
  • Sara my wife and I turned our kitchen into a recipe test bed. We made dozens of versions of these favorites, tweaking ingredients until the recipes were flawless and easy-to-make (and most importantly, completely Keto friendly!)
  • Next we added more of our own tried-and-tested delicious ideas, combining flavors from different cultures to make new variations.
  • Then we printed out the ingredients, cooking times, arranged our camera along with a set of clear, simple instructions, and hey presto!
  • Now a few savvy keto dieters are getting ahead of the pack. And they’re learning new recipes and gaining peace of mind as they see the weight fall off using a brand new keto cookbook packed with tasty recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and snacks.

and...The KetoRush Cookbook Was Born

KetoRush Cookbook by Chris & Sara

KetoRush has more than 130 recipes for everything, from day-to-day eating to special occasions. Each recipe contains macros and is beautifully presented across over 250 glorious pages.

Feel like munching on a chocolate cupcake or a savory breakfast waffle? Ready for taco beef or turkey crust pizza? We’ve got you covered. Then there’s also Sara's famous cheesecake; alongside my cool cocktail creations for relaxing after a long day.

And you don’t have to spend hours slaving away in the kitchen. Most of my recipes are so simple, even beginner keto cooks can make them. Some of my recipes are even under 1g carbs and come together in under 10 minutes.

LEt me try?

The KetoRush Cookbook is going to make your life so easy because you’ll never have to worry about what you’re going to eat again. It will be so much easier to stay in Keto, lose the pounds and get the elegant, toned body that you constantly dream of.

Here Is What You Will Get

More than 130 tried and trusted Keto recipes for just $29.95 (digital only version)

KetoRush Cookbook

I already know that these tasty recipes work – helping you to burn fat faster and lose weight while making your senses quiver – because I help 20,000+ people to eat keto meals every day in my Facebook groups. They can’t stop shouting about the recipes!

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I had a question about being diabetic and Sara actually got in touch the very next day, a great choice of recipes that will keep me busy for months and months.

Helen Murphy, Minnesota.

Helen Murphy

This cookbook, I can take anywhere, some of the recipes come together in like 10-12 minutes, especially the quick breakfast ideas, my mom can't understand my obsession...

Davis Quelette, Arizona.

Davis Quelette

KetoRush comes in a digital format that is delivered immediately after purchase 

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