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KetoRush 24 Fast Action Ketosis Plan

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Get Back On Track Fast

Often it takes the body around 1-3 weeks to feel the first benefits of ketosis. Yet sometimes we fall off the wagon and end up in Keto Jail. Thankfully, my rapid ketosis action plan ensures a swift escape!



A secret rapid ketosis action plan to get your body into ketosis and supercharge the fat burning process in as little as 24 hours. Follow a few easy instructions and boost your metabolism and recover from that wagon fall in record time! Go here to get your copy...

The Big Problem With Keto Is That Life Can Get In The Way

Now, I want to be absolutely clear about something…
This new shortcut has nothing to do with mystical potions, powders or magical elixirs. I’ve researched those shiny pills and potions that claim to get you into ketosis in just 20 minutes. Of course they don’t work and may end up doing your body more harm than good. The reason they never work is:

Ketones Versus Ketosis

Having ketones in your body is NOT the same as going into ketosis. This is a straight fact!

And while there is positive preliminary research that shows exogenous ketones might help people with conditions like multiple sclerosis, dementia, and Alzheimer’s –  there is zero evidence showing that drinking them supports weight loss.

Not Only That But...

Getting kicked out of keto happens all the time. Life gets in the way, family events, holidays and temptation is everywhere.

Just this morning, I helped someone discover that the 'keto bread' they had been eating was packed with hidden sugar! Keto dieters are not robots, they are human and they can and do fall off the wagon.

So...How Does It Work?

  • Getting into ketosis in 24 hours or within a few days requires you to follow a very precise set of instructions.
  • The basics are the same. You’ll reduce daily carb intake drastically and just consumee good fats.
  • But this time around, we’ll also add an intermittent fasting strategy.
  • AND a couple of brisk walks to force the metabolism into rapid fat-burning action!
  • Now a few savvy keto dieters are getting ahead of the pack. And they’re learning these techniques and making massive progress; while gaining peace of mind!

and...KetoRush24 Was Born

In the first hour period, you’ll do some preparation work. Get ingredients to prepare the special keto meals and move your body with some brisk walks to tune it for ketosis. Don’t panic, it’s not a workout and there are no exercise routines.

The second phase of the plan is when the action really happens. The simple instructions will tell you exactly what to eat, and when to eat it. Just read and follow along.


It doesn’t matter if this is your first time doing keto, or if you’ve fallen off the wagon and you’re urgently trying to get back into ketosis. Just follow the steps. One at a time. You wil discover that your body’s natural fat burning process will switch on in record time!

We make it virtually IMPOSSIBLE not to get into Ketosis. You just need to adhere to this simple fast ketosis action plan.

Here Is What You Need To Do

Click the order button below to download the “KetoRush24” action plan. Go through the entire plan ASAP… and start preparing. The plan rewards action takers like you!

Now Listen Very Closely

Of course I could be selling this fast ketosis plan for a lot more – and many keto dieters would probably pay for it. Naturally these people know what it’s worth to be able to get in ketosis so rapidly and they hate that feeling of failure more than anything!

My goal is to assist as many people as possible to get healthier, slimmer, and happier and to recover from keto jail without either breaking sweat or the bank.

And for this reason, I’m offering “KETORUSH24” for the super low price of just $19.95. That’s nothing when you compare it to the many health benefits you’ll receive from this plan; providing of course you follow it.

So go ahead, click 'get your action plan' below and start your transformation today!

I had a question about being diabetic and Sara actually got in touch the very next day, a great plan that will keep me busy for months and months.

Helen Murphy, Minnesota.

Helen Murphy

This plan, I can take anywhere, some of the recipes come together in like 10-12 minutes, especially the quick breakfast ideas, my mom can't understand my obsession...

Davis Quelette, Arizona.

Davis Quelette

KetoRush24 comes in a digital format that is delivered immediately after purchase.

My fast action ketosis plan is just $19.95!

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