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Who Else Wants Delicious Keto Recipes That Burn Through Fat Like Crazy?

Hi there. My name is Chris Blagden and along with my wife Sara I’m the admin for one of the fastest growing Keto groups on Facebook, Namely 'Low Carb Keto Recipes For Beginners.' There is a good chance that you have already seen our group or tried one of our our recipes already

All the time I hear and witness countless people expressing the same concerns with the keto diet (maybe one of these issues applies to you?) Problems such as the following

? My macros just confuses me, I have no idea how to work them out.
? Keto recipes are just so dull, bland and ordinary.
? I just have no idea how many daily carbs or calories I should consume 
? How is it that everyone else is losing weight on Keto but not me.
? When I started keto I lost weight but now it has stopped, what gives.

Just like you I take these problems with keto very seriously. In fact sometimes I spend time at night collecting my thoughts and realizing just how much ordinary people like you want to succeed at Keto but simply get stressed, depressed and lose all motivation.

Keto Comes With Much Confusion

You already now that there is a great quantity of information out there about the Ketogenic diet. About what techniques to follow and the correct foods to buy and exercises to try. Just visit YouTube and discover 1000's of videos on the subject. Not only that there are probably more than 150 Keto recipe and support groups on Facebook and hundreds more blogs.

And you have probably already noticed...?

? They all say different things or contradict one another.
? One says avoid dairy. Another one says have as much as you want.
? Another says you can have unlimited protein all day long.

? Then one more says that protein turns into sugars or fat.
? Then one says spike your insulin and you can't drink shakes.

So I totally get why people are so stressed, wound up and upset, with very good reason!

Who Should Join The VIP MEMBERS CLUB?

The VIP Members Club offers a solution to many people who have been waiting for such a service  to help them reach their goals on the ketogenic diet. You should join our friendly Club if you are:

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    Sick of difficult to follow diets that leave you feeling hungry and unmotivated?
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    Tired of constantly starving yourself and seeing little or no weight-loss results?
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    Ready to live a healthy life free of  gruelling workouts, diet fads and prescription drugs?

The Club works for people of all ages and is easy enough for both men and women to easily follow.
*Disclaimer: Results may vary based on individual.

The Hidden Keto Secrets

Truthfully I regularly see that only a small fraction of people stick with Keto on a long term basis. But why, it’s certainly not because they aren’t inspired by Keto or don’t really want to see their weight drop off.

Nor is it because there isn’t enough good information about Keto in the public domain. The reality is that there are billions of pages out there about Keto, way too much information for any one person to digest.

Keto is not more expensive than other lifestyles either. Take a moment to add up the regular meals, snacks, beverages, and shakes people ate before following Keto and compare the cost of all those foods!

People quit Keto and back out because of three reasons:

  1. Too many people believe they have to starve on Keto. No one wants to be hungry or starving.
  2. ?They find calculating macros and tracking for every ingredient that goes into their mouth way too difficult to monitor.
  3. They think researching what they should consume takes up too much time.

Keto Shouldn't Be Tough

I know that it is a fact that many people start Keto driven by desire and highly motivated. They watch their favorite celebrities such as Halle Berry, Mick Jagger, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kourtney Kardashian, LeBron James, Megan Fox, Jenna Jameson and many others shed weight easily on the Ketogenic diet.

 So naturally they ask…

Each week I hear reports of people who say they “fell off the wagon” or they had a “day off.” Then they feel really guilty and stop focussing on their diet. They go and tell their friends “Keto just doesn’t work.”

You see there is always someone else who appears to be further ahead and more successful than the other person, and for a lot of people that is a bitter pill to have to swallow.

But There's a Secret to Success

? It’s not about cutting back or counting calories.

? It’s not about eating fat bombs to get your fats in.

? It’s not about taking those expensive Ketone products.

? It’s not about using a food tracking app every day.

? It’s not about denying yourself the foods you love.

Far from it, in fact…

Keto Should Be Easy

I want to tell you right here that you can lose all the weight you want on Keto without ever going hungry or struggling to cope and absolutely without passing on your favorite meals and foods.

Right off the bat we need get rid of that mindset that says we cannot have what we want.

As I want you relaxed with the idea that Keto isn’t a “get skinny quick” program. In fact the opposite is true and you can eat simple to prepare, delicious Keto meals, every single day of the week on your journey to success.

Not only that you can eat all day without being glued to your macro calculator app.

So if you believe in me I can show you a much better way...

Let Me Work For You

Nearly everyone I come across just does not have time to plan out their meals.

Instead they eat the same recipes and meals over and over and fall into bad habits, they 'cheat.'

They get angry and hungry and the same time. They fall off the wagon and get mad over it.

I want to free you from all that hard work and stress and release you from the hard part of Keto.

Just Imagine This

You’ll fall in love my ham and cheese egg muffins, steak and eggs, sausage and egg breakfast sandwiches, blueberry muffins, morning pancakes, pumpkin waffles and so much more. In fact I promise that you will forget those boring eggs in a heartbeat.

Lunches will make your mouth water with creamy pesto shrimp with zoodles, salmon burgers, cobb salad with cilantro-lemon dressing, feta meatloaf and green salad, taco salad with beef and other tasty, simple to prepare dishes.

Dinners will be filling, delicious, and nutritious. Choose from spaghetti squash with meat sauce, pan seared scallops with mac and cheese on the side, herbed butter salmon, creamy Italian garlic chicken and more.

? Yes you can eat these delicious foods and lose weight!
? Yes you can forget about counting calories or fats, proteins or carbs!
? Yes you can succeed at all your weight loss goals!
? Yes you can say goodbye to boring food – FOREVER!

That’s why I’ve created something special and unique

Introducing the Low Carb VIP Members Club

Low Carb VIP Club

So How Does The VIP Members Club Work?

Each Month You Receive a New Keto Cookbook

Every month I’ll send you 30 days of Keto recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and snacks in the form of a sparkling new cookbook bursting with delicious low carb recipes. You heard that right every month a new keto cookbook is yours to keep.

You Receive a Meal Plan Each Week

I’ll also send you 4 weekly meal plans so you always know what to eat each day for every meal of the day. The meal plans are linked to your cookbook so it matches up just perfectly. At the start of the next month you get the next set and so on.

Enjoy Easy To Follow Shopping Lists

I’ll even send you 4 weekly shopping lists so you always know what to buy at the grocery store, so there’s no confusion. Your shopping lists always correspond to your current cookbook, everything is simple.

Easy To Print, Works on Any Device

The goal is to help to make your Keto dreams come true; to help you lose weight without feeling deprived or miserable.

VIP Access to Our Private FB Group

Our VIP Facebook group is secret just for members of the VIP club. As a paying member of the Low Carb VIP members club you can access to the group for as long as you remain a member. Here you can meet likeminded members and share experiences, success stories and keto adventures.

Free Live Training and Q&A

In our private members Facebook group you will enjoy complimentary trainings and bonus materials written for the group such as free reports and guides that you simply won't find anywhere else. From time to time we invite doctors and other keto professionals to share their opinions and answer your questions.

About The Low Carb VIP Club Founders

Chris Blagden - KetoFirst

The KetoFirst VIP Members club was created by Chris Blagden, a graduate of Plymouth and Middlesex University who uses his expertise to help thousands of people lose weight, live healthier, and live happier lives while following the popular ketogenic lifestyle diet.

Chris is married to his wife Sara who is a keen fitness fan and cook. Sara is invaluable in preparing many of the recipes that we publish on the web site and FB group. The idea of the VIP members club is to create an exclusive community of successful keto dieters where anyone can realize their lifestyle dreams.

What's Included In The LOW CARB VIP Club?

The Low Carb VIP Members Club provides you with all the tools you need to achieve your weight-loss and body confidence goals on the ketogenic diet. Every month you get a recipe packed cookbook, along with all of the meal plans and shopping lists for effective results. You will also get access to the exclusive FB group to follow throughout the weight loss process and keep you focused on achieving your goals as fast as possible.

Monthly Cook books

A Monthly KETO Cookbook

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    Each month your cookbook is packed with 30 days of yummy recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.
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    Each recipe has full ingredients and instructions to make delicious meals in your own home.
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    Understand what foods in combination will give you the best results.

Keto Meal Plans

Weekly KETO Meal plans

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    Weekly plans match your monthly cookbook
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    Delicious keto meals for breakfast lunch and dinner
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    Detailed recipe preparation instructions

Shopping Lists


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    No more missing keto recipe ingredients
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    Matches your monthly cookbook.
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    Simple to use at a glance grocery lists


Meet likeminded keto dieters in our private FB group

Private Facebook Group

Our private members Facebook group is small and intimate; far removed from the noise of large public groups. As a member you will enjoy engaging conversations with other keto dieters just like you. Share the latest recipes, meal plans, product ideas, plus listen to guest speakers, witness success stories and much more.

When you join our Low Carb VIP Club you will receive instant access to the material for this month, the Cookbooks, Meal Plans, Shopping Lists and all you need to succeed.
So go ahead and click the “ADD TO CART” button below…

Low Carb VIP Club

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

The Red Detox Plan Has a Money Back Guarantee

You may have tried other methods to succeed on keto from diet pills to weight-loss plans and gym memberships in the past and lost money or never found your comfort zone but that will not happen in our VIP members club. You do of course need to use the cookbooks and meal plans that we provide in order to see results. However the Low Carb VIP Club guarantee gives you a no-nonsense guarantee that you will see results or you get your money back. If you do not see results after joining our club, simply reach out to us for a full refund within 30 days, no questions asked.

?Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: Will joining the Low Carb VIP Members Club give me results?

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Q4: How long will it take for me to receive my order?

Q5: How do I know that this site is safe and secure when I order?

Q6: Why am I billed monthly?

Q7: What will happen if the Low Carb VIP club does not work for me, even if I followed all of the instructions?

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