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Chris Blagden here your group admin once more. The following resources for keto dieters have been developed by myself exclusively for our group members.

To encourage rapid progress the two suggestions below may help you reach your goals faster. KetoRush is my own keto system specifically designed for the special members of our group. Use promo code KF25.

KetoRush Fat Burning Keto Cookbook From Chris & Sara

KetoRush is a powerful fat burning weight loss cookbook for Keto dieters. It’s especially effective at helping dieters get into Ketosis and overcome weight loss stalls. With over 130+ tasty keto meals over 250 plus pages there are enough recipes to last for months. Find out more and get your copy right here.

KetoRush24 Fast Action Ketosis Guide

KetoRush24 is a focussed fast ketosis action guide. It is ideal if you want to experiment with fasting for rapid results. KetoRush24 is also the perfect choice if you accidentally dropped out of ketosis and need to get back in the game - fast!
Find out more and get your copy right here.

Want delicious Keto recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and snacks? How about the most powerful weight loss secrets from the world’s top Keto experts? I’m talking about gurus like Dr. Ken Berry, Dr. Josh Axe, Dr. Eric Berg, Dr. Jason Fung, and more. Now these amazing recipes and weight loss tips are yours FREE, thanks to our e-Letter. Signup right here.